Lining Your Way Through Workbook


Lining Your Way Through Workbook

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For the past year, I’ve created countless outlines for others. While I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating timeless classics for others, I also enjoy helping Authors quicken the process of making them themselves. My latest creation, “Lining Your Way Through” does just that.

This workbook is available in paperback and ebook form. It’s perfect for the Author who loves outlining every detail of their book before starting and the Author who prefers free writing chapter by chapter because it is a foundational workbook that gives you a blueprint that can easily be altered as you pen your next masterpiece.

The workbook includes guided space for:

Character development (Worth $27 separately.)

Key Scenes

Story Notes/Summaries

Basic outlining

My traditional romance outlining, plot development, and backstory development (Worth $72 separately.)

This book is currently available for preorder. All paperbacks will be sent during the first week of May. All ebooks will be delivered during the last two weeks of April.

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