The Blueprint


The Blueprint


This guide is meant to help you self-publish efficiently or understand more about your publisher’s role in your career. 

Topics included:

 Setting up an eBook via Amazon/KDP.

Setting up a paperback via Amazon/Lulu. 

Setting up an Amazon Author Central Page.

Setting up a Goodreads Author page.

Setting up business pages on social media.

Using Facebook groups to interact with readers. 

Setting up sponsored ads via Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, and Amazon. 

Setting up mailing lists via Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

Setting up preorders via Amazon and website (Wordpress, Squarespace.)

Taking orders/sending invoices via PayPal, Square, Squarespace. 


Bloggers, PR

The actual process between writing and publishing– editing, formatting, designing, and everything in between. List of websites, suggestions, and recommendations included.

This is an eBook, so you will receive a link to download the book after your order is completed.

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