Love Me Until I Love Myself


Love Me Until I Love Myself


What would you do, if the one you loved most betrayed you?

Delilah had dreams of becoming a well-known and financially stable model and clothing designer. Her dreams seemed to be completely out of her reach until she met Tory. 

Tory needed a beautiful woman to seduce his brother and take part in a scandal big enough to strip his brother, Sage, of his good reputation and position as President of their family company.

When Tory saw Delilah he knew she was the one, and for fifty thousand dollars Delilah willingly agreed.

When Sage saw Delilah he knew she was the one, but she wasn’t saved. She didn’t have a relationship with Christ. Ignoring the little tug at his heart that told him to stay away from her, Sage gave Delilah his heart recklessly and was forced to pick up the pieces when her betrayal shattered it.

After Sage finds out who Delilah really is and what her true intentions were, he’s faced with the most difficult decision of his life – loving and being merciful like the God he claims to serve, or seeking revenge on her and his brother for all of the damage they’ve caused in his life and reputation.

Which one will he choose? Read this standalone modern day Samson and Delilah story to find out!

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