Rule and Camryn Series


Rule and Camryn Series


After seeing her Mother be lusted, left, and cheated on, Camryn refused to let that happen to her. She closed her heart and vowed to never let love in. Her philosophy – you can’t be hurt by someone you aren’t attached to. So, she lived her life without romantic love. And she was just fine with her lifestyle… until she met Rule.

It was no secret… Rule loved the life he was living. He was the King of Memphis. There was one problem – he didn’t have a Queen or an Heir to his throne. His legal throne that is. If there was one thing that he could change about his life that would be it. 

Rule had had his fair share of women in his short life because of his passion for love and acceptance… but he had yet to find a woman who could truly hold his interest… until Camryn. Even with their first phone conversation he knew there was something different about her. There was something in the tone of her voice as she spoke to him that let him know that she was someone he needed to keep around.

When these two head to Vegas for a weeklong trip together Camryn is determined to prove she can live without love, 
and Rule is determined to prove that she can’t.

Who will win? Will Camryn fold and submit to love; or will she end up doing what she’s spent her life avoiding to Rule – lusting and letting go?

Read part one of Rule and Camryn’s love story to find out! 

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