The dawn of a new day.

I don’t know why I feel like I’m about to cry as I write this.

Okay. Let me take some deep breaths and get my life together.


Hey beloved!

For the past three years, I have been consistently leaving my mark on the literary world. Just this year alone, I not only started my publishing company but won AAMBC’s romance author of the year award. To put it simply, B. Love has had an AMAZING ride.

With time, I’ve become known for some wonderful things. Mostly, being a master storyteller that takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster with relatable women and swoon worthy men all while teaching about self-love and women’s empowerment.

Eventually, B. Love will retire from books and focus on other creative avenues. In preparation for that leap, I have decided to separate the genres I write under and use a second pen name. Starting 1/1/2019, B. Love will only publish urban romance novels, and ALL of my contemporary romance novels will be published under the pen name Shenaé Hailey.

I could give you a long and drawn out explanation of why this separation is taking place… but I’d rather show you. Buckle up, baby. 2019 is about to be LIT.

I’m going to drop the cover and synopsis for my contemporary romance debut under Shenaé in my facebook group - Love in Written Form 12/18. After that, it will be shared via mailing list. As of now, I’m only using my FB group and mailing list to give updates and interact with readers, so please join me! Also, if you’d like to receive the links for my releases as text messages, I’ve got you covered with that too!

Mailing list -

Text messages list (Links and coupon codes only sent via text) - text Shenae to 77948

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Thanks in advance for continuing this journey with me.

B. Love

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