No Love in his Heart finale sneak peek!

I know, I know, you've been waiting for quite a while! Next week, the crew returns for the finale of "No Love in his Heart" 

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In the preface of “No Love in his Heart” seeds of love bloomed. In part one, those seeds became flowers that were nurtured. In part two, those flowers… may wilt.

For Messiah and Blue, it seems as if they can never catch a break. When Messiah finally decides to permanently and legally tie his life to Blue, his life is put on the line. Will he be found and saved, or will the future he had in store for Blue die right along with him?

For Indie and Kiylee, the past has a way of constantly resurfacing in their present, threatening their future. A lack of communication between these two leads Kiylee into the arms of another man. Will she come to her senses in time, or will Indie end their relationship before it can truly begin?

For Alante and Tamara, their ten-year toxic marriage has turned them both into people they don’t even recognize. When Tamara asks for a divorce, Alante agrees, surprising everyone that knows him. Attorney Rockmore has made it his mission to help Tamara with her divorce proceedings, and her heart if she will allow him. There’s just one problem – Alante’s medication turns him into the man Tamara has always wanted him to be. Will she continue on with the divorce, or give love with her husband a second chance?

Sneak peek


Blue didn’t realize she had zoned out again until the car behind her honked. Snapping out of her trance, Blue looked up at the now green light and pressed down on the gas. For the past eight hours, she hopped on and off the expressway in search of Messiah and the black SUV. Stopping only for gas, Blue’s stomach had become just as empty and hollow as her heart, but she had absolutely no desire to stop to grab something to eat before heading back to the safe house.

Right now, eating would have to wait. She desired the substance of Messiah more, and Blue didn’t see herself stopping until her body shut down or she found him. Whichever came quicker. Needing more resources to find Messiah, Blue decided to go home and shower before meeting Crip, but the sight of Dyer and Indie leaning against Indie’s car outside of the safe house had Blue wanting to keep driving and figure this out herself.

Just as she was about to speed off, Indie pushed himself off the car and extended his arm, holding an envelope in his hand that gained Blue’s attention. Her eyes went from the envelope to a visibly upset Dyer, and she couldn’t help but smile. It was fucked up of her to leave him stranded at the gas station, but he shouldn’t have made her choose between listening to him and going after Messiah.

Unwillingly, Blue turned into the driveway and pulled up on the side of Indie’s car. Before Indie could speak, Dyer was opening Blue’s door as he asked, “Really, Ms. Blue? That’s how we doing it now? As much loyalty as I give you and Messiah that’s how you do me? My gun, phone, and wallet were in the truck. You left me stranded with nothing, man. That wasn’t cool.”

Blue scratched the inside of her nostril, mind returning to thoughts of Messiah and how he’d scratch the side of his nose when he was getting irritated and wanted to remain calm. She jumped down from the truck gently, completely ignoring Dyer’s stare.

“If the choice is Messiah or you… expect absolutely no loyalty from me, Dyer.” Blue faced him finally, offering her hand in apology. “You cool, but it’s Messiah over everybody with me.” She shrugged as Dyer placed his hand inside of hers. “I’m sorry for leaving you stranded, but I had no other choice. Messiah needed me, and he still does, so this conversation is over.”

Stepping to the side of him, Blue connected her eyes with Indie’s. “If that’s not something that’s going to help me find Messiah, both of you can leave.”

Indie stepped in front of her, invading her space. Normally she would have stepped back, but there was something about his closeness that comforted her. Something about him that covered her with a peace she hadn’t felt ever since she saw Messiah’s white shirt turn crimson. Was this the strength, peace, and comfort Indie enveloped Kiylee with on a daily basis? If it was, Blue could understand why being with him had Kiylee changing herself.

Indie’s hand went to Blue’s cheek, and as soon as it did her shoulders slumped. Chest caved. Eyes closed. Heart damn near stopped working. The palpitating it had been doing for hours slowed down drastically with no warning at all. She hadn’t cried not one tear as she searched for him, and that was probably because Blue refused to accept the possibility of Messiah being gone.


If she thought about that…

“I’ve been calling you for hours, Blue. You need to come with me.”

Blue’s head shook as she pushed Indie’s hand down from her face. She tried to turn away from him to head to the house, but Indie grabbed her arm as she said, “I have to find Messiah. There’s no time for tal–”

“I know where he is.” Blue turned to face him, clutching her now rapidly beating heart. “We cannot talk here, Blue. Come with me.”

With a nod, Blue used her shaking hand to push her frazzled hair out of her face. Indie’s arm wrapped around her waist as he led her the few steps that it took to get to the passenger’s side of his car. The longer she leaned against his body the weaker she felt. Emotionally and physically. Second by second, the adrenaline of finding Messiah was starting to wear off, and by the time Indie opened the door, Blue found herself melting into the seat needing its firmness to hold her up and give her relief.

It wasn’t until Indie was pulling out of the driveway that Blue realized he hadn’t said if Messiah was alive or not. Unable to face him, Blue watched as Dyer got into the truck and prepared to leave as she asked, “Is he alive?” She swallowed the lump that was forming in her throat as her eyes watered and closed, but she popped them open immediately as flashes of Messiah being hit over and over and over again filled her mind. “Indie…”

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