The Bad Boy I Love - Tomorrow!


Tomorrow, the finale for The Bad Boy I Love goes live!


For Misery, things just keep getting worse. No matter how much money he makes and success he sees, he consistently finds himself surrounded by darkness. Thankfully, Isla enters his life and becomes the light he needs to make his way through. As things get better for him, Isla’s life gets shaken in the most unexpected way.

Chaos has only one goal – to be a better father than his father. Though Carmen isn’t his first pick for the mother of his child, he’s devoted to doing all he can to make sure his baby has the family he never did. When Carmen becomes his main priority, business and personal relationships suffer – including the one he’s trying to build with Fiona.

What happens when the most lethal man in the streets is cornered by the woman he hurt? Gunner finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun. His gun. Being held by the person he least expected to ever come for him. In seconds, everyone in the room becomes victim to April’s need to avenge her shattered heart. Will Gunner be able to make his way out alive, or will he become the first man on April’s payback list?

Misery, Chaos, and Gunner all get a taste of the rewards and risks of loving a good woman. There is one goal in this riveting two-part series, all three men must ask themselves… can a bad boy truly love a good woman the way she needs to be loved?

Sneak peek - Explicit and Unedited


Man, a nigga was happy as fuck when I got that call. Hava’s birthday was today, so she asked me if I wanted to have my son. I hadn’t seen Skylar in person in about six months. We FaceTimed a lot but that was about it. It messed with me to know that Hava was only trying to use me as a babysitter so she could turn up for her birthday, but as always, I was willing to take what I could get.

She was trying to get me to only keep Skylar overnight. That wasn’t going to work. I told her I wanted to keep him for at least three days. Hava was hesitant, but eventually she agreed. We were supposed to meet so I could get him at noon, but it was two and she’d been ignoring my calls and text messages all day.

Trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, I went to her place to see if she’d been in a rush for work and had forgotten about our agreement, but her mother wasn’t at home and neither was my son. I decided to pull up on her at her job, but I wanted to give her one last chance to be on some act right, so I called her work line in an attempt to get something worked out. She answered almost immediately, and that shit only pissed me off more.

“You ain’t see me calling you, girl? Why the fuck you ignoring me, Hava?”

Hava released a heavy breath into the phone, and I could hear a seat creaking back.

“I don’t want you to take him for three days, Misery. Why can’t you just keep him for the night?”

“That wasn’t our agreement. I’m not settling for no night, Hava. Not when I haven’t seen him for months.”

“Exactly! I want to make sure he’s comfortable with you before…”

“How the fuck do you expect him to get comfortable with me in your mind when you keep letting so much time pass after I get him? You know how much I worry about my sons forgetting who I am? I’m trying to let FaceTime be enough but you trying my patience. That’s my blood, Hava. I’m not new to this shit. He’s going to be good.”

Hava paused, and I was hoping that meant she was seriously giving what I said some thought. “No. I’ll just get my sister to keep him tonight.”


She hung up in my face, and I had to keep myself from punching the window after I tossed my phone onto the seat. I got out of my car, slamming the door behind me as I stalked over to the building. The more they tried me and kept my sons away from me the less concern I had for my actions towards them. Since she wanted to be bad, we were going to see if she could deny me face to face.

“Welcome to Ead’s Minor Med–”

“Hava!” I yelled, unsure of where her office was. She was the bookkeeper for Ead’s Minor Medical Center, and that was because of me. Hava wanted me to give her money like I gave Latisha and Prentiss, but I refused to give her and Angel a dime above what I knew it would take to take care of my sons. I wasn’t about to pay for her to have her own apartment when she wasn’t even letting me see my son. Latisha and Prentiss worked my damn nerves, but I didn’t mind making sure they were straight financially because they were good with their money and they let me get my kids more than anyone else.

I was sure had I broke Hava off with a little more money every month she wouldn’t give me such a hard time, but until I started seeing my son, I was going to continue to purchase his necessities, even food, and take them to her mother’s job along with the five hundred dollar check I gave her every month. If he ever needed more, I had no problem writing her a check when she could prove the need.

That might sound like I’m being extra, but Hava was immature as hell. For months she’d been spending the money I gave her for Skylar on herself. Buying bags and plane tickets while her mother took care of him. That shit had to come to an immediate stop.

“Hava!” I called out again, making my way down the hall.

She stuck her head out of the door and slammed it shut, but I kicked it down with no problem.

“Get out, Misery!”

“Fuck that. Where is my son?”

Hava’s trembling fingers were tapping on her phone. She was trying to act like she wasn’t scared, but I heard the shakiness of her voice as she said, “He’s good. You need to leave.”

“Where is my son?”

Slamming her phone down on the desk, Hava plopped down in her seat.

“You can’t have him. I tried to let you have him overnight, but you didn’t want to act right. Really, I don’t even trust you to have him for a night. You might try to keep him forever.”

I didn’t mean to smile, but I needed that. As pissed as I was, I was ready to fuck some shit up over my seeds. I was sick of the back and forth with all of my baby mamas.

“It would serve you right if I didn’t, but I’m a man of my word. I just want to see my son, Hava.”

“I’ve called the police,” came from behind me.

Looking back at the frail, older white woman, I shook my head before returning my attention to Hava.

“Just leave, Misery. Maybe we can try this another day. Like I said, I’m going to get my sister to keep him tonight. I’ll FaceTime you so you can see him before I drop him off.”

Holding my stare for a few seconds, Hava looked away before running her hands down her face. Like I was the one stressing her out.

“Sir. I’ve called the police.”

The only reason I left was because I had an idea. Hava knew me well enough to know the threat of police never fazed me. Once I made it back to my car, I called one of my most solid corner boys and told him to come up to Hava’s job and let me know of her every move. If she didn’t want to give me my son, I’d take him.

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