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Happy Sunday!

I have a new project coming VERY soon, and I wanted to share a small look inside with you :)

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Misery, Chaos, and Gunner… three best friends who make up the most powerful, influential, and notorious cartel in Memphis. This trinity has not only the respect and fear of the streets, but they have the hustle and intelligence necessary to maneuver through their illegal dealings without much static from law enforcement. Making money comes easily for them, but having successful relationships with women? Now that’s a whole other story.

 This story.

 For Misery, having to deal with business, the streets, family issues, and bitter baby mamas makes it hard for him to want to give any woman the time of day. Isla comes in and temporarily has him rethinking his stance against commitment, but he isn’t the only man who has set his eyes on her. Gunner has too.

 If Gunner is known for anything, it’s being wild and reckless. His current friend with benefits, April, is okay with accepting him flaws and all… as long as he doesn’t disrespect her by cheating publicly. When Isla gains Gunner’s attention, April is forced to punish him, and Gunner’s lethal reputation in the streets may prove to be no match for a woman scorned.

 Chaos may wreak havoc in the drug world, but his heart turns to mush every time he’s in the same room as his best friend, Fiona. After leaving Memphis for close to ten years, Fiona returns, and the duo quickly learns that time definitely makes the heart grow fonder. There’s just one problem… well… woman… standing in the way of them taking things to the next level.

 Isla, Fiona, and April, all get a taste of the pleasures and pain of loving a bad boy. There is one goal in this riveting two part series, all three women must ask themselves… can a bad boy truly love a good woman the way she needs to be loved?

Sneak Peek

Explicit and Unedited


“Thought I told you to make me your first stop?”

Fiona’s head lowered, making it damn near impossible for me to take in her beauty. She started chewing on her thumb nail like it wasn’t already a nub. That was a habit Fiona refused to break. Biting her nails down until they almost started to bleed. Most times she had her nails covered with fake ones to hide the habit and what it stood for.

Every time I saw her do it, it tugged at a nigga’s heart. She didn’t start doing it until that night, and every time her nerves started getting bad that’s what she’d do to try and calm herself down. I didn’t understand why her nerves would be bad talking to me, but I wasn’t going to ask her about it either. We had the kind of connection that was built on genuineness and communication… trusting each other… so if she wasn’t saying what the problem was it was because she didn’t want me to know.

“That was my plan, but Isla saw my Snap and scooped me from the airport. I’ve been with her ever since. I’ll see you at the party tonight, Chaos. You’re just going to have to share me.”

Fiona stopped chewing on her nail and lowered her hand, smiling brightly. She’d gone to Atlanta and grew up on me. Apparently, she was fucking with niggas with money there, too, because the gap in her mouth from sucking her thumb for years was gone. Her teeth were perfectly straight and white now, giving her yet another reason to be the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.

“Ion share shit. You know that.”

Her eyes shifted to the left, like she was looking at Isla. Isla was Fiona’s best friend from back in the day. I hadn’t kicked it with her ever since Fiona left town, but she was out here doing big things. They both were in different ways. Isla was making a name for herself in Memphis while Fiona was making moves as a kept woman. I didn’t like her depending on men the way she was, but I understood her reasoning behind it, so I let her be.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Her eyes returned to me. “What you about to get into?”

My eyes lifted to Carmen’s door as I pulled her key out of my pocket.

“‘Bout to tie up some loose ends. Just hit me up when you on your way to the party, ‘cause I know you gon’ be late.”

The sound of her low giggle filled my ears. Made a nigga almost crack a smile. It was most definitely time to get off this FaceTime. Fiona had always had that effect on me. The kind that had me talking soft to her and caring about her during times where I didn’t give a fuck about anyone else.

“I will, Christian. I’m so excited to see you.”

I couldn’t help but side eye her as I put my key in Carmen’s lock. She was the only person that could get away with calling me my government. My own mama didn’t try that shit. Fiona could call me whatever she wanted to, though, and my ass would answer and come running every time.

“Gone somewhere, Fiona.”

“Chaos!” Between her yelling and laughing, I couldn’t help but chuckle, but I covered it by running my hand over my mouth until I stopped. Her voice lowered as she pouted and requested, “Tell me you’re excited to see me too.”

Not giving her what she wanted right away, I stared at her, forcing her to hang onto the silence between us. Her eyes lowered as she licked her lips before biting down on the bottom one.



Doing that type of shit was going to get her little ass fucked up.

“What you doing, Fe?”

Her eyes widened, as if she hadn’t even realized what she’d done. “Just stop being mean and tell me. Why do you make shit so difficult, Christian?”

Returning my eyes to the door, I unlocked it as I confessed, “Because I like when you beg.”

“I don’t know why. You end up giving me what I want anyway.”

That was true. Would always be true.

“I’m excited to see you too, Fe.” At the sound of my words, Carmen looked up from her phone. She was sitting in the center of her couch, completely oblivious to what was about to happen between us. Her eyes rolled at the sound of my words and she shook her head, blowing out an irritated breath. “Hit me up when you’re on your way to the party though.”

“Okay. I love you.”

Carmen’s eyes lifted to mine again, daring me to say that shit back. We’d been back and forth for two years now, and not once had she ever heard those words from me. I had love for her, but I didn’t love her. Not like how I loved Fiona.

“Aight, baby. I love you too.” Carmen grumbled under her breath as she crossed her arms over her chest and sat back in her seat. “The fuck you doing all that for? You know I can’t be talking to nobody but Fiona,” I reminded as I disconnected the call. Not that it would matter anymore. Not after this conversation.

“So what? You don’t think there’s anything wrong with you calling her baby and telling her you love her when I’m the one you’ve been in a relationship with for the past two years, Chaos? That’s normal to you?”

I started to go and sit next to her, but I decided to stay by the door instead. This shouldn’t take long, and if she tried to swing on me I didn’t want to have to restrain her like I had to in the past.

“Yea, it’s normal. You knew about my bond with Fiona from the jump. What you trippin’ for now?”

Carmen’s eyes rolled as her bottom lip poked out. She stood and turned to leave but she paused.

“So you’re saying she means more to you than me?”

It wasn’t easy to get a smile or laugh out of me, unless you were Fiona, but that made me laugh before I could stop it.

“Did you really just ask me that bullshit?”

My head went from being tilted to the side to straightforward as I yanked at the bottom of my left ear gently. It was a habit I started doing when I first started losing my hearing in it. Back then, it would pop my ear and allow me to hear better. With me being 75 percent death in my left ear now, it wasn’t that easy. It was more of a habit now. Something I did when I couldn’t believe what a person was saying more so than when I couldn’t hear them. Everything came through as a muffle for the most part through that ear, which is why I relied mostly on reading lips and hearing through my right ear.

“Of course she means more to me than you. Fiona means more to me than I do. Fuck has gotten into you?”

Carmen’s head lowered as she left the living room. A part of me wanted to just yell out that I didn’t want to be with her anymore, but I decided to practice patience and wait for her to return. It wasn’t like things were bad between us, but after two years, things weren’t good. There was no love between us, at least not on my part. I didn’t want to marry her and spend the rest of my life with her. We ain’t have no kids.

With my lifestyle, I needed someone by my side that I felt could ride with me through it all, and Carmen was too selfish and shaky for that role. For a good little minute, I tried to hide it because she let me do whatever I wanted to do and didn’t question me about it, but even that wasn’t enough to satisfy me anymore.

When she came back, she had something folded in the palm of her hand. I ignored it as I told her, “Ion think this gon’ work anymore. I wanna split.”

Carmen’s shoulders hunched as her head shook. She chuckled and opened the piece of paper that was in her palm…

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