Double Novellas!

Hey, beloved! I have two more novellas for you this month!

First — Til I Overflow — 4/16

She wanted to fill him with love and drowned in the overflow. 

It was ironic. Poetic Justice, maybe? Whatever the case, Rakeem Owens escaped the streets, and at his retirement party, his home was raided, and he was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. After spending seven years in prison, he is given the opportunity of early release with two major stipulations – probation and volunteer work to give back to the community the Judge believed he took so much from. With no hesitation, Rakeem agrees, but when he finds out that he’ll be serving under Maliah Dixon… jail seems to be a better option.

It was karma. Fate, maybe? Whatever the case, Maliah Dixon is thrilled when she finds out Rakeem will be volunteering with her organization. She started it with her best friend before he went to jail, and it has been her main priority ever since. 

Rakeem’s heart has been closed and guarded for years, and it will take more than a familiar pretty face and nice frame to soften him toward any woman. But Maliah is determined to not only fill him with her love but be cleansed in the overflow. There is one problem with both water and love, though. Both were soft enough to cleanse and give life yet hard enough to drown and destroy anyone or anything who stand in their way.

Sneak Peek 💕


My overthinking ass just knew tonight would be the night he proposed. Even though we’ve only been dating for eight months, tonight had to be the night. Only reason I was so sure was because I found the ring in his top drawer, a month back. I was spending the night at his place and wanted to sleep in one of his shirts. Damon was in the shower, so I went through the drawer to get it myself. Any shirt would do, but I specifically like the Hanes brand with the blue lining around the top.

In my search for one of those, I brushed my knuckle against the box at the bottom of the drawer. It had been driving me crazy not saying anything about it for the past month. No matter how hard I tried to forget I saw the beau‐ tiful ring, the thought of it kept popping into my brain at the most inconvenient times.

Honestly, I didn’t think we were ready for marriage, but if Damon wanted to make that leap, I would sure enough make it with him. For the longest time, I’d been a hopeless romantic. A true lover of love. All I wanted out of my life was to help people have the best weddings possible as I waited patiently for a wedding and marriage of my own.

Being a part-time wedding planner could truly suck at times. Made me wonder when I’d be planning my own wedding instead of helping women have the one of their dreams. Finally, that time was now.

But, if I was to be completely honest, I couldn’t say that I was in love with Damon. Couldn’t say he was the man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with. No. Rakeem was the man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with. He was the man I was in love with. The man who took possession of my heart and had yet to give it back.

Second — The Muse Next Door — 4/26

Audre Lorde Berry found inspiration in everything and everyone. Always carrying her poetry book, diary, and camera, Audre challenged herself to find the beauty of one thing daily. When her new neighbor moves in… she’s sure the God of Creativity has smiled down on her.

Everything about Qasim Houston screams at Audre’s creativity. From his handsome face to his perfectly chiseled frame, Audre is sure Qasim is the perfect muse. She finds herself painting him, photographing him, even dreaming about him. But what happens when the perfect muse of her dreams becomes a nightmare?


You know what, I think I’m going to make you wait for this sneak peek 🥰

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