Soon come - Fingers on His Soul

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I’m working on my next piece of work. It’s part two of my Memphis Hoodlums Standalone series. The first book in the series, Straddling His Soul, featured Mei and Haji. Book two features Mei’s older brother, Montana, and her best friend, Anastasia. No release date yet, but it will come out before this month is over. Here’s a sneak peek :)


 This was the third time Anastasia’s picture had popped up on ol’ boys’ phone and he ignored her call. It was taking everything within Montana to not yoke him up. Montana didn’t normally make it a habit to look down at his client’s phones while he was cutting their hair, but the man’s phone had been going nonstop. It went from continuous chimes to ringing. 

Even though Montana was aware of the fact that Anastasia was seeing someone, he didn’t know who. They’d never made it a habit of talking about their relationships to each other, and they both were too private to post pictures of their significant others on their social media. Well, Anastasia was too private; Montana didn’t post his women because they switched up consistently. 

Montana continued to cut the man’s hair, trying to remain as calm as he could. It was one thing for him to ignore Anastasia’s calls, but it was something totally different for him to disrespect her while doing so. 

“These bitches crazy, man,” he grumbled, having no idea who in the hell he was venting to. Montana had never cut the man’s hair before, and he was sure he would never have the chance to do it again. Montana didn’t believe in coincidences, so he knew Geno calling in sick so Montana could take his heads for the day was a blessing in disguise. Not only would he get paid twice as much, but he’d be able to finesse Anastasia’s buster ass nigga to let him know how he really felt about her in the process. 

“Shorty can’t catch a hint?” Montana asked, trying to sound amused and interested. 

“Hell nah. She blowing my shit up like that’s gon’ make me answer her phone calls. Ion wanna hear shit she got to say.”

“Aw yea? What she on?”

“Man.” The man ran his hand over his face as he sighed. “Just some bullshit. Accusing me of some thangs that she ain’t got no proof of. And even if she did, her ass ain’t going nowhere.”

Montana chuckled, mumbling, “I feel ya,” before returning his attention to the back of his head. 

Sitting his clippers down, Montana brushed the excess hair from the man’s head and shoulders. After putting the brush down, Montana gripped the cape around the man’s neck and squeezed. His fingers went to the cape and he attempted to pull it down unsuccessfully. Montana’s grip around it was far too tight for him to move until Montana wanted him to. Struggling to breathe, the man tried to lift himself from the seat as Montana strangled him, but Montana pulled him back down. 

“I’m only going to say this once,” Montana gritted lowly into his ear. “You hurt her or disrespect Anastasia in any way, I’ll kill ya. Do you hear me?” The man’s fingers clawed at Montana’s hands as he tightened his grip on the cape. “I said, do you fuckin’ hear me?”

“He can’t answer you, young blood,” Hogan, the old head that came to gossip every afternoon spoke up. “He can’t even breathe.”

With a smirk, Montana tightened his grip further. “Nah, but he can nod his head. Can’t you?”

The man nodded rapidly. Montana held him for a few seconds longer before releasing him. As soon as he did, the man fell forward in his seat and clutched his neck, coughing and breathing deeply as tears fell from his red eyes. 

“That’s twenty-five for the cut,” Montana mumbled nonchalantly, snatching the cape from his heaving chest. “The warning is free.”

Still holding his neck with one hand, the man stuck shaking fingers into his pocket and pulled out two folded up twenties. After tossing them in Montana’s direction, he jumped up from the floor and jogged out of the barber shop. Montana released a content sigh as he shoved the money into his pocket. Grabbing the broom next to his station, he swept up the cut hair as everyone in the shop continued to stare at him silently. When he was done, Montana put the broom away as he asked, “Who got next?”


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