Tuesday, 8.20.19 - Fingers on his Soul

Hey, beloved!

We finally have a release date for Fingers on his Soul, and it is 8.20.19! Before I share the synopsis and sneak peek with you, I have two really quick announcements.

1. The BLP Winter Wonderland Meet & Greet is less than 3 months away! We have an amazing lineup of authors that would love to meet you! Check out the flyers below. To register to attend, click here.

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Alright, now that that is how out of the way… let’s get to that synopsis and sneak peek!



Montana Moon doesn’t play – especially when it comes to the women in his life. One minute, he can be brash, outspoken, and possessive and the next… a protector, calm, and diplomatic. For all of his life, Montana has sought to fill the voids in his heart because of the absence of his parents. He’d rather have a roster of women than rely on just one to give him the attention, affection, and validation he craves. And that has always been okay… until Anastasia challenges him.

Anastasia Patrick has always had a crush on her best friends’ brother, Montana. Over the years, that crush turned into infatuation, infatuation became admiration, admiration nurtured respect, and respect bloomed love. One night between the two teaches Anastasia a hard lesson – when a person shows you who they are, believe them – and after years of pining over Montana, she finally decides to let him go.

But… fate decides to play a cruel joke on them, binding them together in the most permanent way possible. Will Montana make Anastasia regret the love she’s wasted on him, or will she be the ultimate motivation for him to reach his full potential as she softens the hoodlum with her fingers on his soul?

 Sneak Peek



Montana gripped his dick through his jeans as his eyes lowered to Anastasia’s ass. He had no idea he’d catch her at Bella’s Boutique on this beautiful late summer afternoon, but he was glad he did. The red, sheer one piece lingerie that she held up to her would look damn good against her skin in Montana’s opinion. 

He walked over to her and stood behind her. Immediately, her shoulders tensed. Did she smell him? Feel him? Montana lowered himself to her ear, and when she shivered as he brushed his nose against it, his dick throbbed. 

“I wanna see you in this.”

Anastasia turned towards him, smile already spreading. She was truly the most beautiful woman Montana had ever seen. From her cashew colored skin and big, slanted whiskey brown eyes to her sculpted cheek bones, pointy nose, and juicy ass lips. Anastasia changed her hair every six weeks seemed like. Now, it was waist length, aqua and deep green in color. On anyone else, he would have said the shit was ratchet as hell, but on Anastasia… hell… she could make anything look classy.

And she was slim thick as fuck. Flat stomach, small waist, wide ass hips and a fat peach shaped ass. His favorite parts of her were her plump breasts that he assumed were C cups and her thighs. They weren’t super thick, but they had a little weight on them. Quite frankly, Montana was an ass and thigh man. The thought of her thighs wrapped around him as he fucked her deeply, gripping her ass and spreading her cheeks…

“What has gotten into you?” Anastasia smiled with her mouth and her eyes as she looked up at him. “We don’t talk to each other like that.”

That was true, but Montana was close to saying fuck the promise he’d made to his sister about not going after Anastasia. She was a grown woman. If she wanted to take a chance on him, who was Mei to stop it? Who was Mei? His reason. 

Reason went out the window the second he began to fantasize about Anastasia in that red, in his bed. Montana’s arm wrapped around her, and he squeezed her ass. Relief filled him so much he moaned deep within his throat as he pulled her into him. This. He’d been wanting this… her… since they’d met. 

“You telling me if you were single I couldn’t have you?” Montana’s hand slid up until the tips of his fingers grazed her opening. Her eyes fluttered as her mouth opened partially. “That what you sayin’, Tasia?”

Her head nodded slowly as she put her hands into his chest and gently pushed him away. It wasn’t until she was out of his space that Anastasia was able to get her bearings and speak.

“Yes. You are not the committing type, and that’s the only type I deal with.” Turning her back to him, she picked up the one-piece she’d set down when he spoke. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“You really wanna know?”

With a chuckle, Anastasia placed the lingerie back on the rack. “Not at all.”

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