The Love We Seek - Final Sneak Peek


Tomorrow, Zion and Kailor make their literary debut in “The Love We Seek.” Here’s one final look into their story before it goes live!

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“Can I ask you three questions?”

That wasn’t bad. I couldn’t handle that.

“You never have to ask.”

She covered her face briefly as she smiled.

“Okay. Question number one.” She cleared her throat. “How was your relationship with your mother before she left?”

Just the thought of her had me smiling.

“My mother was my heart. She was my everything. I wouldn’t say she was my best friend like your mother was to you, but she was my everything. All I needed. I’d die if it meant having her here one last time.” My head shook as I looked away from her. “I wouldn’t even need any more time on this earth if I could have her back just one more day.”

Kailor rubbed her eye, trying to keep her tears in. When her eyes were dry she asked, “What do you have to offer me?”

I thought over her question carefully. More than anything, my concern was what she needed that I could satisfy.

“My time. Affection. Attention. Ears. Heart. Words. Friendship. Support. Chest. Arms. All of me that you’d like to have.” In no rush to ask the third question, Kailor stared at me intensely. “You said there were three questions?”

Her head nodded rapidly as she pulled her eyes away from me.

“If, not saying I’ll ever be, but, if I was your woman, what would you expect from me.”

Kailor continued to look away, as if she couldn’t face me while I answered.

“Love.” That got her attention. “Respect. Support. Appreciation. Influence. More than anything, though, support.”

With a nod, Kailor stood. She ran her hands down her leggings as she slowly walked over to me. I had no idea what she was about to do, but the second her finger slid down my scar my eyes closed. Her face was close enough for us to be in the same breathing space. For me to feel her breathing against my nose, but I wasn’t expecting her to connect her lips with mine. Trembling fingers slid down my cheek to my lips.

“What you doing?” I asked, already knowing the answer. Maybe that’s why she remained silent.

Her fingers were replaced with her lips, teasing mine with a gentle kiss. I couldn’t kiss her back right away. All I could do was lose myself in this moment. In the soft, fullness of her lips. That changed when she pressed her lips more firmly into mine.

With no hesitation, I lifted her feet into the air by her arms and placed her on my lap. Taking control of the kiss, I cradled her neck in my hands to make sure she didn’t try to run away. There was no chance of her trying to run away. Not with the passion in which she kissed me. The sharp need of it aroused me more than anything or anyone else ever had.

Kailor pulled away long enough to whimper and bring her body even closer to mine, but when she returned to my lips she continued her slow, sensual assault. I slid my tongue into her mouth, tasting her deeply as she shivered against me before she pulled away. Her hand went to her mouth as her eyes widened in surprise.

She jumped from my lap, but I grabbed her hand and kept her from going inside.

“Don’t do that again. Not until you’re ready for all of me.”

I released her, and she wasted no time snatching her list and dashing into the house.

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